Jenny Ripley Photography

Welcome and thank you for visiting my website! My name is Jenny Ripley, owner of Jenny Ripley Photography. I am an on-location photographer located in Waunakee, WI and also serve Madison and the surrounding areas. I love that I get to call what I do "work". As a portrait and sports photographer, I enjoy capturing authentic photos - really snippets of your life - that can be enjoyed now and for years to come.


CLASS OF 2024 SENIORS! When are senior pictures taken? The summer/fall BEFORE your senior year to make yearbook deadlines. Contact Jenny for session options and details.

FAMILY SESSIONS: Booking year round.

Please contact me for more information, to schedule a photo shoot, or to just ask questions. 608-850-9208, or simply click on the Contact Me above!

In the meantime, enjoy wandering through my website to see what I have to offer. You might even see people you know!

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Would you like images like these on your walls? Click the Contact Me at the top of the page to drop me a note and we’ll chat!